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Washington Beyond the Headlines: An IRS on Steroids

  By Andy Blom, TES Washington Editor Okay everybody, take five. Relax. We have become a nation obsessed with a rush to judgment, an immediate overreaction to almost everything. A policeman stops a teenage girl from knifing another teenage girl and a basketball star — a basketball star! — instantly tweets to attack him. Georgia […]

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Sunlight Is The Cure For High Drug Prices

  By Dr. Marion Mass   Congress is considering legislation to rein in runaway drug prices. But any new law would be just political theater unless it shines a light on how pharmaceutical benefit managers (PBMs) manipulate drug pricing.   We soothe ourselves with slogans about America’s free-market health care. The reality is very different. […]

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Professional success: Strengthen your strengths or work on your weaknesses?

  By Dr. Rainer Zitelmann   Books on professional success often say that it is more important to strengthen your strengths rather than focusing on improving your weaknesses. On the one hand, they’re right, on the other, this doesn’t go far enough.   It sounds logical – and it is: You shouldn’t waste your time trying […]

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Washington’s New General in Its Antitrust War

      By Edward Longe, American Consumer Institute   Shortly after entering office in January 2021, President Joe Biden announced the nomination of Lina Kahn to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Responding to the announcement, the FTC’s Chairwoman Rebecca Kelly Slaughter stated, “her creative energy, groundbreaking antitrust work, and passion for the FTC’s mission make her an excellent […]

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Get Ready: True Market Forces Will Soon Be Unleashed in Healthcare

  By Mark Galvin In a matter of months, our healthcare system and the overall patient experience will change dramatically for the better. And most Americans don’t even realize it.    After decades of attempts to transform the healthcare system into a true market—one in which forces like competition between providers based on quality and pricing can […]

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Humanized Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming The Market. Check It Out!

    By Instituto Millenium, Brazil   The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become increasingly common in our daily lives in the most diverse ways, whether to log in to a social network through facial recognition, for companies to optimize service, or even for autonomous cars. However, although AI appears to be efficient, the […]

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RealClearMarkets – How To Best Adapt To a Hybrid Workplace Future

Note: This article was written by Daniel Freedman, CEO of Burnalong and published in RealClearMarkets on May 12, 2021.    COVID-19 made remote work the new normal, giving employees more flexibility to live and work from anywhere. But with pandemic restrictions lifting, many companies now face a challenge: how do they keep the increased productivity and […]

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Blackouts, Increasing Crime, Rampant Homelessness, And Man-Made Drought:  Is This California Or A Third World Nation? 

  By Kerry Jackson, Pacific Research Institute    While still trying to process the unwelcome news that we’re going to have to grind through yet another year of drought, California energy officials told us to also be ready for the power to go out when the days grow long and warm.    “The managers of […]

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Masking: A Careful Review of the Evidence

By Paul E. Alexander   The question on whether to wear a face mask or not during the Covid-19 pandemic remains emotional and contentious. Why? This question about the utility of face coverings (which has taken on a talisman-like life) is now overwrought with steep politicization regardless of political affiliation (e.g. republican or liberal/democrat).    Importantly, […]

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Will the United Kingdom Survive the United Kingdom Internal Market Act?

  By Professor Stephen Weatherwill   The EU has an ‘internal market’. So do Canada, Australia, the United States and Germany. And now, with the enactment of the United Kingdom Internal Market Act 2020, the United Kingdom has one too.   The Act was drafted, debated and adopted with blistering speed during 2020, from a […]