Senate Finance Drug Pricing Framework Risks Similar Pitfalls of Price-Setting H.R. 3

  By Andrew Lautz, National Taxpayers Union   Last month, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden (D-OR) released a “Principles for Drug Pricing Reform” document that outlines how the Senator, who chairs one of the most powerful committees in Congress, would like to address prescription drug costs this year. While the document is sparse on details, […]


Taxpayers Protecting Inheritances

  By Grace-Marie Turner, Galen Institute   Today we are focusing on the latter in an article just published in The Hill, written by leading long-term care expert Steve Moses and Galen Senior Fellow and Medicaid expert Brian Blase. The title says it all:  “Using Medicaid to protect inheritances.”   Here’s the issue: Many affluent Americans are hiring […]


Past Pandemics Handled With Common Sense

  By Brian Giesbrecht, Frontier Centre for Public Policy   Great events in history usually have one picture that manages to capture their essence. The iconic photo of the American troops planting the flag on Iwo Jima does it for WWII and the disturbing picture of the naked little girl running for her life from […]


Rx Importation Poses a Threat to Consumers, Not A Solution

    By Foday Turay, American Consumer Institute   According to the GoodRx Research Team, 832 brand drugs have increased by an average of 4.5% since December 31, 2020. Americans pay around $1,200 for prescription drugs a year. The continuing rise of prescription drug prices has a significant impact on many Americans, especially during a global […]


CDC Should Collect More Data, Not Less

  By Erik Sass   Combating any disease requires accurate and consistent epidemiologic data to guide the public health and medical community. For most conditions affecting Americans – heart disease, cancer, diabetes, HIV, hepatitis, infant and maternal mortality – we carefully measure case rates, hospitalizations, deaths, and disease trends to guide clinical and public health […]

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Get Ready: True Market Forces Will Soon Be Unleashed in Healthcare

  By Mark Galvin In a matter of months, our healthcare system and the overall patient experience will change dramatically for the better. And most Americans don’t even realize it.    After decades of attempts to transform the healthcare system into a true market—one in which forces like competition between providers based on quality and pricing can […]