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FTC Decision Makes Consumers the Big Losers

      By Steve Pociask, American Consumer Institute   To retitle the familiar song by Prince, it now appears the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is going to “party like it’s 1914.” The well-known consumer welfare standard – the principle that has focused antitrust enforcement onto whether consumers are harmed – is getting shelved by the […]

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Inventor Turns Rice and Wheat into Unlikely Sources for Vitamin D

  By IP Progress   WHO: Chintala Venkat Reddy, a farmer from Hyderabad, Telangana.   THE CHALLENGE: Vitamin D—also known as the “sunshine vitamin”—plays a vital role in keeping our bodies healthy by promoting bone strength and supporting cardiovascular health. Adequate vitamin D levels are also crucial for a strong immune system. Although our bodies […]

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Who Lives in Rural Areas?

  By Randal O’Toole, Cato Institute   One of the provisions of President Biden’s American Jobs Plan is to spend $100 billion bringing broadband internet services to “more than 30 million Americans” who live in rural “areas where there is no broadband infrastructure that provides minimally acceptable speeds.” That’s $3,333 per person or about $8,800 […]

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Why is USDA trying to regulate farmers out of business?

  “USDA Once Again Tries to Regulate Small Farmers Out of Business” By Mallory Reader, courtesy of the Cato Institute   The Department of Agriculture (USDA) is once again trying to interfere with farming practices in the name of consumer health.   The USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) invited the public to […]

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Thriving UK food culture exists thanks to free trade

“Briefing: Free Trade and the Agriculture Bill 2019-21” Courtesy of the TaxPayers’ Alliance   In recent decades, global food trade has liberalised substantially. According to the Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs, Britain imports 47 per cent of its food, 19 per cent coming from outside the European Union. This means that, no matter […]

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Targeting H-1B visas won’t help fight COVID-19, but will delay recovery

  By Oliver McPherson-Smith, American Consumer Institute     The COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a significant blow to America’s economy and countless Americans will be looking for jobs in the coming months. To ease competition in the labor force, four senators are pushing for a ban on certain temporary workers. But the plan would also block highly-educated […]


U.S.-China trade deal will hurt Germany, Brazil — coronavirus is wildcard

    “New US-China trade agreement to hurt Germany and Brazil” IFW Kiel   German exporters will be particularly affected from the implementation of the Phase I trade agreement between the USA and China which has now come into force. As a result of trade diversion, Germany’s exports of goods to China are likely to […]

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Washington Beyond the Headlines: Say Goodbye to WOTUS

  By Andy Blom, TES Washington Editor   Impeachment. There, we’ve wasted enough time on that. But while we were all trying our best to ignore the dog and pony show in the Senate, free market policy advocates kept working on issues and ideas that affect America, and the world.  Read on for this week’s […]

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Time to get moving on U.S.-UK trade deal

  “Starting Bell About to Sound for US-UK Trade Negotiations” By Daniel Griswold and Jack Salmon, courtesy of the Mercatus Center   When the bells peal in the United Kingdom on Friday to mark its formal Brexit from the European Union, they will also signal the opening for that nation and the United States to […]

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Brexit is certain — but very little else

  “Weekly Briefing: Attention turns to the structure of next phase Brexit talks” By Anthony Egan, courtesy of Open Europe   The UK’s departure from the EU on 31 January is now certain. Later today, the House of Commons is expected to approve the Withdrawal Agreement Bill, before it proceeds through the final stages of […]