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Why the EU’s Latest Industrial Strategy Falls Short

      By Ryan Nabil, Competitive Enterprise Institute   Can the European Union become a world leader in innovation? Yes, but Brussels needs to create a more business-friendly environment for businesses and start-ups.   The EU is trying to become self-sufficient in sectors such as pharmaceuticals and semiconductors and spearhead post-Covid economic recovery, according […]

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EU–South Asia relations in the 21st century: Rethink, reimagine, reshape

    By Ivano di Carlo and Shada Islam, European Policy Centre     Amid the intense competition underway between the US and China and the increasing presence of Russia, China, Turkey, Iran and Britain in the Indo-Pacific, the EU must build better bilateral relations with all South Asian countries – and not just India. […]


The European Green Deal will cause more harm than good

    By Mohamed Moutii, The Institute for Research in Economic and Fiscal Issues   In the last European elections, the so-called green parties won a record number of seats and became the fourth largest bloc in the European parliament. The Greens are now seen as pivotal political allies for passing EU legislation.   Not surprisingly, […]

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Will the United Kingdom Survive the United Kingdom Internal Market Act?

  By Professor Stephen Weatherwill   The EU has an ‘internal market’. So do Canada, Australia, the United States and Germany. And now, with the enactment of the United Kingdom Internal Market Act 2020, the United Kingdom has one too.   The Act was drafted, debated and adopted with blistering speed during 2020, from a […]

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In Defense of the Freelancer

  By Bill Wirtz   The European Commission is setting itself up for creating new legislation regarding freelance work. In many European countries, services such as Uber, Bolt, or Deliveroo are coming under fire because they practice working with freelancers. For instance, the Uber app matches passengers with self-employed drivers.. The driver gets the fare […]

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Trade Club for Climate

By Galina Kolev, Hubertus Bardt   A trade policy approach to climate challenges can give a positive impetus to WTO reform based on the commitment to a common target and reinforced by the urgency of that target.   Trade policy has the potential to contribute substantially to curbing climate change. However, the global trade system […]

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How the Private Sector Could Help to Fight the Next Pandemic

By Haig Simonian, Avenir Suisse   Hindsight, it is said, offers 20:20 vision. With the Coronavirus pandemic now into its second year, experts and governments around the world have become much savvier about how to deal with an international health crisis.   If that knowledge could be harnessed to tackle the next pandemic – which […]

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Artificial Intelligence and cybersecurity: Benefits and perils

  Lorenzo Pupillo, Stefano Fantin., Afonso Ferreira, Carolina Polito, CEPS   Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gradually being integrated into the fabric of business and widely deployed across specific applications use cases. Not all sectors are equally advanced, however: the information technology and telecommunications sector are the most advanced in terms of AI adoption, with the […]

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Is the European Union’s investment agreement with China underrated?

    By  Uri Dadush and Andre Sapir, Bruegel   The European Union is very open to foreign direct investment. By comparison, despite considerable liberalisation in the past two decades, foreign investors in China’s markets still face significant restrictions, especially in services sectors. Given this imbalance, the EU has long sought to improve the situation […]

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What does the China trade deal mean for Europe?

“The EU-China Investment Agreement as seen from Europe: achievements with shortfalls” By Frank Bickenbach and Wan-Hsin Liu, courtesy of IFW Kiel   After seven years of negotiations, the European Union (EU) and the People’s Republic of China (China) concluded in principle the EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI) on December 30, 2020. The European Commission has stated […]