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FTC Decision Makes Consumers the Big Losers

      By Steve Pociask, American Consumer Institute   To retitle the familiar song by Prince, it now appears the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is going to “party like it’s 1914.” The well-known consumer welfare standard – the principle that has focused antitrust enforcement onto whether consumers are harmed – is getting shelved by the […]

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AEC Announces Austrian Economics Conference in Vienna

  By The Austrian Economics Center   The 10th AEC International Conference, “The Austrian School of Economics in the 21st Century” will be held live in Vienna, Austria on November 4 and 5, 2021.    Offered by the Austrian Economic Center (AEC) and Foundacion Internacional Bases, the event will not be online or zoom, but a […]

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Why the EU’s Latest Industrial Strategy Falls Short

      By Ryan Nabil, Competitive Enterprise Institute   Can the European Union become a world leader in innovation? Yes, but Brussels needs to create a more business-friendly environment for businesses and start-ups.   The EU is trying to become self-sufficient in sectors such as pharmaceuticals and semiconductors and spearhead post-Covid economic recovery, according […]

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The Savings Of Peruvians Are Reduced Due To The Pandemic

    An IPE Report   According to the National Household Survey (ENAHO), household income in Peru decreased by more than 30% between 2019 and 2020. This situation had considerable effect on the saving capacity of Peruvians. While in 2019 an average family saved S/636 per month (21% of income), in 2020 this amount was reduced […]


Taxpayers Protecting Inheritances

  By Grace-Marie Turner, Galen Institute   Today we are focusing on the latter in an article just published in The Hill, written by leading long-term care expert Steve Moses and Galen Senior Fellow and Medicaid expert Brian Blase. The title says it all:  “Using Medicaid to protect inheritances.”   Here’s the issue: Many affluent Americans are hiring […]

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Washington Beyond the Headlines: Tax, Tax, Healthcare and…Tax

    By Andy Blom, TES Washington Editor   Joe Biden is bumbling through Europe, getting greeted (for better or worse) as “not Trump”. Benjamin Netanyahu gave his exit speech as Prime Minister of Israel and sounded more like Arnold Swarzenegger than Golda Meir (“I will be baaacckk!”). Aren’t political leaders fun? While our leaders […]

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Between Keynes and Autonomy

    By the IMCO Staff   In economic jargon, fiscal and monetary policies are known as demand policies. In other words, they have the ability to alter the goods and services that are demanded in an economy, but they do not necessarily manage to alter —increase would be desirable— the productive capacity. Both affect […]


Washington Beyond the Headlines: Gunning for the 2nd Amendment

    By Andy Blom, TES Washington Editor   Our Vice President deals with immigration by flying over the border…but she still hasn’t visited Europe. The Senate is at a standstill, gas prices are rising and inflation is starting to show its ugly head. Welcome to summer 2021. But have hope…free market thinkers and doers […]

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Washington Beyond the Headlines: Incompetence Alert

  By Andy Blom, TES Correspondent   Who would have guessed the Biden Administration would be more fraught with drama than the Trump Admin? But the border is in chaos, the pandemic in indecision, inflation running amok (try to buy lumber), lines at the gas pump as prices rise and Congress caught in overreach roadblock. […]

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How ‘functional finance’ becomes heavier taxation

  by Enrico Colombatto, Austrian Economics Center   Even before Western governments decided to fight Covid-19 by freezing their economies and inflating their debts, many countries had problematic public finance situations. Now, public debt is soaring almost everywhere and dealing with it has become a major issue. The solution so far has been to resort […]