Texas Acts to Block Chinese Owned Industrial Wind Power Facility near a Military Base

  By Kenneth Artz, Heartland Environment and Climate News   The Texas legislature took steps to stop a massive Chinese-owned industrial wind facility from being built near Laughlin Air Force base in southwest Texas.   The Blue Hills Wind development attracted attention because its developer, GH America Energy, is the U.S. subsidiary of the Chinese […]

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AEC Announces Austrian Economics Conference in Vienna

  By The Austrian Economics Center   The 10th AEC International Conference, “The Austrian School of Economics in the 21st Century” will be held live in Vienna, Austria on November 4 and 5, 2021.    Offered by the Austrian Economic Center (AEC) and Foundacion Internacional Bases, the event will not be online or zoom, but a […]

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The One-Way Road to AI

  By Dr. Julián de Diego, Libertad y Progreso   The dehumanizing process of HR sectors at corporations has begun. It is a metamorphosis that implies the application of exponential technologies to replace human labor through artificial intelligence.   As a result of the accelerated pace of digitalization imposed on all activities by the pandemic, the […]


Why waiving intellectual property rights for Covid vaccines is wrong

    By Philip Stevens, Geneva Network   Last week the United States unexpectedly announced that it would join India, South Africa and others in supporting a proposal at the World Trade Organization to temporarily suspend intellectual property rights for Covid vaccines.   In theory, this would free up other companies to make copies of proprietary vaccines […]


Less taxes, less laws, less poverty: three successful European countries

    By Eben McDonald, Contrepoints   As Luxembourg, Switzerland and Ireland show, it is not necessarily social spending and redistribution that raises the level of the poorest.   The Social Democrats often praise the Nordic countries as examples of the success of progressive taxes, generous welfare states and powerful unions.   Free trade advocates […]


The European Green Deal will cause more harm than good

    By Mohamed Moutii, The Institute for Research in Economic and Fiscal Issues   In the last European elections, the so-called green parties won a record number of seats and became the fourth largest bloc in the European parliament. The Greens are now seen as pivotal political allies for passing EU legislation.   Not surprisingly, […]

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Washington Beyond the Headlines: Tax, Tax, Healthcare and…Tax

    By Andy Blom, TES Washington Editor   Joe Biden is bumbling through Europe, getting greeted (for better or worse) as “not Trump”. Benjamin Netanyahu gave his exit speech as Prime Minister of Israel and sounded more like Arnold Swarzenegger than Golda Meir (“I will be baaacckk!”). Aren’t political leaders fun? While our leaders […]


Washington Beyond the Headlines: Gunning for the 2nd Amendment

    By Andy Blom, TES Washington Editor   Our Vice President deals with immigration by flying over the border…but she still hasn’t visited Europe. The Senate is at a standstill, gas prices are rising and inflation is starting to show its ugly head. Welcome to summer 2021. But have hope…free market thinkers and doers […]

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Instead of Fighting, We Trade

    By Manuel Molano, IMCO   Commerce, from time immemorial, has been the alternative to violence. Maybe before we were human, in the animal world cooperation is called symbiosis and is the alternative to predation. Trading we cooperate.   The reason we trade is because we want to buy things that we do not […]

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Congress: Ensure Mid-Band is Part of 5G Future

       By Derek Hosford, American Consumer Institute   While the Biden administration announced its plan to deliver high-speed internet access to every American in March, auctions for mid-band spectrum broke spending records, showing that mid-band needs to play a critical role in that effort.   Spectrum refers to the invisible radio frequencies that […]