Texas Acts to Block Chinese Owned Industrial Wind Power Facility near a Military Base

  By Kenneth Artz, Heartland Environment and Climate News   The Texas legislature took steps to stop a massive Chinese-owned industrial wind facility from being built near Laughlin Air Force base in southwest Texas.   The Blue Hills Wind development attracted attention because its developer, GH America Energy, is the U.S. subsidiary of the Chinese […]

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FTC Decision Makes Consumers the Big Losers

      By Steve Pociask, American Consumer Institute   To retitle the familiar song by Prince, it now appears the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is going to “party like it’s 1914.” The well-known consumer welfare standard – the principle that has focused antitrust enforcement onto whether consumers are harmed – is getting shelved by the […]

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Why the EU’s Latest Industrial Strategy Falls Short

      By Ryan Nabil, Competitive Enterprise Institute   Can the European Union become a world leader in innovation? Yes, but Brussels needs to create a more business-friendly environment for businesses and start-ups.   The EU is trying to become self-sufficient in sectors such as pharmaceuticals and semiconductors and spearhead post-Covid economic recovery, according […]

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Public Spending Will Not Lower Broadband Prices

      By Caroline Wang, American Consumer Institute   President Biden has focused his efforts on making broadband internet access more affordable to Americans. It is a part of the American Jobs Plan he announced late March, a wide-ranging stimulus plan that forms a key component of the Administration’s post-Covid recovery efforts. The plan, […]


The Most Critical Metal You’ve Never Heard of

    By Larry Reaugh, American Manganese Inc.    Rare Earths Elements (REEs) may grab most of the headlines when the topic is critical minerals, but 21st Century technology is hungry for far more than REEs; take the lithium-ion batteries that literally drive our Electric Vehicles, which require not only the lithium that gives them their […]

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The One-Way Road to AI

  By Dr. Julián de Diego, Libertad y Progreso   The dehumanizing process of HR sectors at corporations has begun. It is a metamorphosis that implies the application of exponential technologies to replace human labor through artificial intelligence.   As a result of the accelerated pace of digitalization imposed on all activities by the pandemic, the […]


Why waiving intellectual property rights for Covid vaccines is wrong

    By Philip Stevens, Geneva Network   Last week the United States unexpectedly announced that it would join India, South Africa and others in supporting a proposal at the World Trade Organization to temporarily suspend intellectual property rights for Covid vaccines.   In theory, this would free up other companies to make copies of proprietary vaccines […]

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House Democrats Take Aim At Consumer Convenience With Misguided Antitrust Proposal

  By Will Yepez, National Taxpayers Union     House Democrats are planning to introduce five pieces of antitrust legislation in the coming days. One such proposal is a radical “Glass-Steagall” style legislation aimed at forcing structural separation policies that would harm consumers and disrupt the economy. Contrary to its mission, the proposed legislation would have […]

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Washington Beyond the Headlines: Tax, Tax, Healthcare and…Tax

    By Andy Blom, TES Washington Editor   Joe Biden is bumbling through Europe, getting greeted (for better or worse) as “not Trump”. Benjamin Netanyahu gave his exit speech as Prime Minister of Israel and sounded more like Arnold Swarzenegger than Golda Meir (“I will be baaacckk!”). Aren’t political leaders fun? While our leaders […]

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Economy Continues to Soar, Though Inflation Looms

By Robert Genetski   Today’s employment report for May confirms that the economy continues to soar.  Average hourly earnings rose at a 10 percent annual rate from the first quarter, a further indication of upcoming inflation.   The Week That Was   Economic news this past week continue to show business activity soaring in May. […]